With access to specialised warehouse and packing facilities we can organise complete consolidation of export cargo and storage of inbound, domestic and export cargo. 

All bookings, documentation and pre-advice of all costings are provided.  Given our strong carrier commitments we are able to provide competitive rates for freight of both inbound and outbound trades, including:

  • Cargo Receival
  • Storage
  • Crating
  • Break-Bulk Cargo
  • Hazardous cargo handling
  • Heavy Lifts
  • Coastal Cargo
  • Container consolidation
  • Transport services are available on all FCL / LCL over dimensional and break bulk goods.
  • Pre-Advice and arrival notification for all shipments
  • We extend complete quality control on the movement from the shippers premises through to the stowage on board the vessel.
  • Global NVOCC - FCL / LCL
  • Fixed weekly schedules.
  • FCL contract management
  • Cost effective rates and transit times
  • Vendor co-ordination and compliance
  • Timley and accurate documentation
  • Multi-modal freight management, Single and Multi vendor consolidation service
  • Single and Multi Vendor consolidation service
  • Mining Equipment Transport
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